Do you have old VHS tapes laying around taking up valuable space? Have you captured hours of precious video footage over the years that you can no longer watch conveniently?

Converting home movies to DVD is a great way to preserve and share those old tapes that may be deteriorating beyond repair.

We transfer your VHS tapes to DVD so you can conveniently watch them on your TV & Computer!

Don't need it on DVD? We can transfer your footage directly to your portable Hard Drive or USB Drive! Files transferred as .mpg format.

VHS tapes only. Picture quality may be poor depending on damage and age of tapes. We take no responsibility for the picture quality of the final DVD but will endeavour to convert only footage that is viewed as satisfactory.




Price depends on total minutes of video you wish to have transferred. It starts at $0.60 per minute and $8.80 per DVD (which holds approx 2 hours of footage). Bulk discounts apply for 60+ and 500+ total minutes.

Turnaround time is approx 4x the length of total footage transferred. eg: 1 hour tape = 4 hours turnaround dependant on current workload.